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               eep beneath the streets of Tokyo, in

a long forgotten labyrinth, there lurks an evil that could change the world as we know it. Kioshi Matsumoto was just one year old when he was kidnapped and, along with four other boys, whisked away to a life of scientific experimentation in a fortress laboratory below the streets of Tokyo. There, Tetsuya Hiroko, a driven scientist, and his henchman Grok, have assembled a team with the purpose of challenging the apparently immutable laws of the universe.

available as an eBook & in paperback
available as an eBook & in paperback


             he man lay face down and quiet on

the snow for what seemed an eternity. If anybody was watching they might have thought he was already dead. The section of snow where he lay, disturbed by his presence, moved off down the slope, carried him over the edge and into the water. A gurgling splash shattered the perfect silence and sent out a wave across the mirror calm water. The wave moved on, growing smaller and smaller until it became a ripple, then a thought... and then it finally disappeared as if it had never been... just like the man.



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scar Kingman is having a bad day. Everyone that loved him, everyone that should have cared for him or protected him has either abandoned him or died. At just three years of age he was surviving on the street with his mother. By the time Oscar was six she was dead of an overdose. When at last he found affection, fate struck again and, completely alone, Oscar found himself first in an orphanage and then a catholic boarding school. Like so many before him, he fails to understand and accept their faith and even as a small child he is branded a sinner. Confused and alone, young Oscar accepts this damning verdict and retreats within himself. Eventually, no longer able to bear the beatings and abuse, he fights back and so suffers horrendous punishment at the hands of his carers and teachers. By the time Oscar Kingman emerges into adulthood, he is deeply scarred and socially inept. He is different, and he survives by becoming as invisible as a man can be. But the world is just getting started on him.

Oscar Kingman might be your neighbour. He might be the homeless guy you pass each day on the way to work, or the loner that you bait in the office every day. Beware your judgement.